InfoCubes are the central objects of the multidimensional model in SAP BW, and basis cube is one of  infocube type. Reports and analysis are based on these. An Info Cube describes a self-enclosed dataset for a business area from a reporting view, that is, for the reporting end user. Queries can be defined and/or executed in the basis of an InfoCube.

Following are InfoCube type’s inSAP BW:

  • BasisCube
  • VirtualCube:
  • RemoteCube
  • SAP RemoteCube
  • Virtual InfoCube with Services

Only Basis Cubes physically contain data in the database.  By doing so, they are also data targets. (SAP BW  objects are data targets when data can be loaded into them.) In contrast, Virtual Cubes only represent logical views of a dataset. There is no difference between these InfoCube types as far as the reporting end user is concerned. Queries can be defined based on all InfoCube types. InfoCubes are thus InfoProviders. (SAP BW objects are InfoProviders when queries can be defined/executed based on them in SAP BW Reporting.)


A BasisCube consists of a quantity of relational tables arranged together in a star schema.

Fact table

A BasisCube consists of precisely one fact table, in which key figure values are stored. A fact table can contains a maximum of 233 key figures.

Dimension tables

A Basis Cube usually has four dimension tables.

  1. Units dimension table
  2. Data package dimension table
  3. Time dimension Table
  4. Other dimension, for example material dimension table

Data package and time dimension tables are always present in a BasisCube. The units dimension table only exists if at least one key figure is of type “amount” or “quantity”.  As we know from The SAP BW Star Schema Concept that the dimension tables do not contain the characteristics/characteristic values but the corresponding SID keys/values.

BasicCubes Basis Cube

BasisCube in SAP BW InfoCube

By dimension, we mean the grouping of logically related characteristics under a single umbrella term. A maximum of 248 characteristics can be combined within a dimension. When defining a Basis Cube in SAP BW, characteristics are combined to form dimensions. The above graphic illustrates how this assignment technically takes place.

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